All YC Summer 2021 API Companies

All YC S21 API companies

Over the last few years there has been an explosion of API companies, focused on making the lives of developers easier. This explosion coincides with the growing importance and power of software developers, and reflects a better understanding of the value of their time. From only a few publicly accessible APIs 10 years ago, there are now more than 30000 APIs listed on exchanges like Rapid API.

Y Combinator has been supporting this trend too, with approximately 15 API companies in the Summer batch, making processes from issuing cards to authentication flows easier. We at Tachyon (YC W21), a company helping developers move large datasets quickly, support this trend and highlight some of the Summer 2021 companies below.

Standard Code: Provides APIs for parental consent and age verification. Their API can be used by developers in gaming , social, or EdTech to make sure children are safe.

Warrant:  Provides APIs for authorization and access control. Developers can use them in their web and mobile apps and provide both custom access control relationships or standard approaches like role-based access control (RBAC) and attribute-based access control (ABAC).

Inai: Provides an API for global payments. Developers can use a single API to manage multiple payments, fraud bi and tax tools from a single dashboard.

Keyri: Provides an easy, secure passwordless authentication API. Developers can set up sign in via magic links, QR codes, and Face ID easily, and their offering integrates with any IAM or SSO in minutes.

Vital: Provides an API for at-home health data. Their single API Integrates Fitness Watches like Apple Watch, Oura, Fitbit, Whoop, Garmin; Glucose Monitors like Dexcom G6, Freestyle Libre; and Test Kits.

Palenca: Provides a payroll API for LatAm. They gives developers access to the personal information, the profile and the earnings of any worker with a single click.

Mentum: Provides an investment management API for Fintechs in LatAm. For example developers can embed investments, visualize those investments while Mentum takes care of KYC and AML as well.

Union54: Provides a card Issuing API for Africa. Developers can use their API to issue debit cards without needing a bank or a third party processor, from anywhere in Africa.

Plug: Provides an API to accept payments with multiple payment providers. They provide developers a fully managed payment service platform through which you can easily and quickly access dozens of payment providers with a single integration.

Appollo: Provides a single API to let developers launch on all eCommerce platforms at once.

Covie: Provides programmatic building blocks for transacting with insurance. They provide 'Access', 'Monitor' and 'Focus' offerings that respectively provide coverage details for a particular policy; notify you when a policy's status, limits, or coverage changes; and provide a clear picture of a policy's status and coverage features.

Numary: Provides an open-source financial ledger for e-commerce and fintech companies. Developers can use a purpose built programming language numary to help map complex money flows.

One Schema: Lets companies import customer CSV data 10x faster. While their primary offering is not an api, they do offer api access, so we have included them on the list!

Revery: Provides a virtual dressing room at Scale. They are more an integration than an API offering, but allow ecommerce and retailers to provide virtual try on capabilities.

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