Large file transfer made really easy

Tachyon is a fast file transfer API for large files. Embed our fast upload and and download APIs into your applications and move data across the world faster.

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Current Version: v1.02.0

Super Fast Speeds

Increase your file transfer speeds by anywhere from 20% to >500%

Reliable Performance

Never worry about network congestion slowing you down

Easy to Use

Implement our upload and download APIs in under 6 lines of code

Secure Transmission

Fully encrypted at transport and application layer

Super Fast

Web protocols weren't designed for high volume data throughput. Order of magnitude speed increases

Easy to use

Implement massive file uploads in just 5 lines of code


File Upload that 'just works',  resilient to network conditions and user error

Discover how Tachyon works

Transport level optimization

Tachyon accelerates data transfer at the transport level, so you can push more data through faster, and take full advantage of your customers internet speeds.
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Global Edge network

Our network is truly distributed with acceleration servers, all connected via our high speed data transfer protocol to route your data to its destination at unmatched speeds. And our network is constantly expanding, so we can offer unrivaled data transfer performance, availability, and reliability.
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Unsurpassed levels of control & customization

Our admin portal lets users see the status of file transfers across globally distributed organizations.

Price plans
Max Possible Upload Speed
Local Edge Server network
USA + Europe
Download URL Expiry
5 days
30 days
Email, Chat
Dedicated Support

High performance without the price tag to match

Only pay for the capability you use with flexible pay as you go plans starting at just $1 / 10 Gb

Built for developers

Tachyon eliminates the hassle of building custom file transfer solutions and needing to account for adverse network conditions, user error, or automatic retries. Our API will take care of all of that, and is faster than any standard TCP based transfer mechanism, letting you deliver more value to your clients, faster.
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import * as tachyon from '@tachyon/client';
const client = tachyon.connect('API_KEY');
const [data, err]
= await client.upload(file);
if (!err) {

Clean and simple

Easy to use client libraries

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon

SoC2 compliance*, HIPAA compliance*, End to end encryption,  granular permissioning, automated repeat transfers, white glove focus, next-gen performance *Coming Soon

and much more...


Find out what Tachyon can do for your industry

Life Sciences HPC
  • Move terabytes of sequencing data across the globe in a snap
  • Connect labs and researchers seamlessly
  • Remove outsourcing hassles by getting and sending data fast
Media Production
  • Eliminate the bottleneck and security risk of mailing hard drives
  • Removing wait times for transferring large assets
  • Streamline post-production workflows
Data Providers
  • Remove geographical barriers to getting clients data
  • Eliminate the hassle of transferring data by hard drive
  • Transfer massive files to clients quickly
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5 projects
40,000 visits
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Unlimited projects
100,000 visits
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